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Auto Sound Dealer App Downloads

Click on the image below to download the Auto Sound App to your phone or tablet.  You can also use the web interface link to access the app on any computer with an internet connection.
Our dealer app allows you to select the year, make, and model vehicle.  From there, you can work with your customer to customize accessory add-ons that can be sold and installed by Auto Sound.  Within the app, you will have access to both wholesale and retail pricing.
You do need a username and password to use the dealer catalog app.  For more information, please contact your Auto Sound Sales Rep, or email asussman@autosound.com




Wholesale Account Set Up Forms

If you want to set up a wholesale account, there are two types of accounts.  Wholesale with Terms, and Wholesale COD.

Accounts with terms will have 30 days to pay but must be approved through an application process and credit check.

Accounts that are COD will require that each job be paid upon completion.

Without the correct forms filled out, all invoices will have tax added to them.