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Tonneau Covers

Pick up trucks are all over the road.  They are just as popular for everyday driving as they are for work use.  Tonneau covers are one of the most sought after accessories to protect the contents in the bed.

Maybe you simply want to protect the bed from the rain or snow – or – maybe you want to protect the contents from theft.  A tonneau cover is the solution for you.

Tonneau covers come in a lot of different configurations.  Hard top, soft top, tri-fold, roll up ….. we can give you multiple options at price points that are affordable and respectful of your budget.

Call us, or send us a message.  All we need is your year, make, model, cab style, and bed length.   From there we can look up the solutions available for you and your truck.

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Trailer Hitches And Wiring

Boats.  Bicycles.  Enclosed trailers.  What do they have in common?

Well, if you want to move them, it’s easily done with a trailer hitch!

We offer trailer hitch packages from the best manufacturers in the industry.  Maybe you just need that smaller class II hitch to bring the family’s bikes down to the local trail, or maybe you need that heavy duty class III to tow your boat and drop it into the water for a fun day at the lake.  We have you covered.


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Weathertech Floor Mats & Cargo Liners

Keep it clean!

In New England, the changes in weather are bound to dirty your vehicle’s interior – especially the foot well and carpet.

Weathertech has become a household name that people trust to keep the dirt where it belongs.  These form fitted floor mats are laser cut and molded to fit the exact shape of your vehicle’s floor.  The lip on the sides make sure all of the snow, rain, sand, and salt stay where they belong without getting onto the actual factory rug.

These are also the perfect accessory if you are a beach goer!  Simply remove the mat and shake it off, spray it down with some water, and let it dry in the sun.  They look great and they will keep your vehicle looking great for many years to come.  They offer solutions for all of the passenger areas as well as cargo mats for the back of your hatchback or SUV.


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Vent Visors & Rain Guards

Feel that fresh air!

There is nothing worse than wanting to get some fresh air in your vehicle buy you cant crack your windows because it’s raining or snowing.

Auto Vent Shade and Weathertech are leaders in the vent visor/rain guard game.  These stylish, smoke colored plastic pieces either stick onto the door above the window, or, fit into the actual channel the window rolls up into.

No mater which solution you pick, this accessory allows you to crack your windows a couple of inches without water running into the car during inclement weather. They look great and work great.  Call us or fill out the quote form to find out the options available for your specific vehicle.


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Side Steps & Running Boards

Make it easy to get in!

These aren’t just for people that are vertically challenged, but they certainly are a huge help for those that are!

Did you know there is a difference between side steps and running boards?  Side steps are generally more of a round or oval shape and have a more rugged look.  Running boards are more flat, look more factory like and elegant, and hug the sides of the vehicle a bit closer.

Either way, if your SUV or truck are hard to get into, these are almost a necessity.  There are so many vehicles that sit high off the ground and adding one of these solutions is not only functional, but also gives the vehicle a totally new side profile appearance.


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