Car Audio Upgrades

It's Not Always About The Bass

But sometimes it is!

Newer cars often come with modern tech and functional feature sets. Many of these same cars often come with terrible sounding audio systems. They typically lack clarity, definition, fullness, dynamic range, and the ability to play the music you love at an enjoyable volume.

Our customers come to us for a variety of reasons when it comes to car audio.  Maybe you have a simple blown speaker, or maybe you are missing a functional feature set that you want to see about adding to your existing system like Bluetooth or Apple Carplay/Android Auto.  We have a lot of solutions to solve a lot of problems.

The Basics

One of the most common reasons we see people in our store is that either their existing radio is really outdated, or it simply stopped working.

We have a large variety of aftermarket radios made by Alpine, Sony, JVC, and Kenwood that can resolve just about any of these situations.  Maybe you have a 10 year old car that you love and it has low miles and lots of life left – but – you really love technology and want the benefits of Apple Carplay or Android Auto?

Maybe your current radio is not functioning correctly, or has a broken display, or a stuck CD. We have replacement radio options at lots of different price points to get those tunes cranking again!

What Was That Sound

Speakers blow.  It happens.

They can blow for a lot of reasons and it’s not always about playing the music too loud.  Often times we see speakers that are just old.  The older the speaker is, the more it’s susceptible to things like water damage, sun damage, dry rot, and other things that come with old age.

Another common reason speakers blow is actually due to lack of power.  If you are turning your factory radio up to a point where the sound is distorted and it just doesn’t sound clear, you are actually causing damage to the speakers voice coil (one of the main parts responsible for audio reproduction).

Your solution might be to replace those damaged speakers with new ones, and add an external amplifier to give it some nice clean power to make them come alive.  We have a lot of options at a lot of different price points.

The Whole Shabang

We have some incredibly knowledgeable people standing by and ready to give you a custom quote on your entire wish list.

We enjoy taking the time to listen to our customers needs.  From there, we can design an upgraded sound system that takes all of your needs and wishes, as well as your budget into consideration.  From simple bass packages, to more advanced multi amplifier systems, we are excited to help you enjoy every minute you spend in your vehicle.

Hit the custom quote button at the top of the page and one of our associates will gladly get you one step closer to learning about all of the possibilities.

The Best Products

We both want the same thing. Reliable products that work and sound great that will last for many years.

We proudly represent some of the best manufacturers in the industry. You really can’t go wrong when it comes to brands like Alpine, Sony, JL Audio, JBL, Infinity, Hertz, Kenwood, Audison, Kicker, JVC, and more.