Apple Carplay, Android Auto, + Navigation

Apple Carplay, Android Auto & GPS Navigation

Where Are We?!

There are 3 ways to use navigation in a vehicle and we have solutions to help get you where you need to go.

  1. Apple Carplay (Allows you to use Apple Maps, Google Maps, & Waze).
  2. Android Auto (Allows you to use Google Maps & Waze).
  3. Stand Alone Navigation (Allows you to use navigation without the use of a smart phone).

Aftermarket Touch Screen Radio - Android Auto & Apple Carplay

Aftermarket media decks are the latest in vehicle accessories and tech.  If you vehicle allows for the factory radio to be replaced, this is always the best option.  Not only will you get better sound quality and control, but it will add Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatibility.

When it comes to Apple Carplay and Android Auto, there are two ways to connect.  Some radios will connect to your phone by plugging in a usb cable and keeping the connection hardwired.  Other radios have the ability to make that connection wirelessly so you don’t have to physically plug anything in.

Note: Most media decks do NOT have a CD player.

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Apple Carplay & Android Auto Added To OEM Screens

Some vehicles have really advanced electronics and you can’t replace the radio with an aftermarket solution.  For many of these vehicles, there is a retrofit kit that allows us to add Apple Carplay & Android Auto abilities to the OEM screen.  These solutions unlock the full potential of this technology upgrade and are available for a wide range of vehicles.  Just like aftermarket solutions, there are typically two options of connectivity available at different price points – wired connection or wireless connection.  With these solutions, there are no visible changes to your radio or dashboard, and the new hardware is installed behind the scenes to give you this new functionality.

Inquire with your local Auto Sound on pricing and availability.

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Aftermarket Touch Screen Radio - Android Auto & Apple Carplay + Stand Alone Navigation

Even though Apple Car Play & Android Auto are the latest in technology when it comes to getting you where you need to go, some people still want to be able to navigate without relying on their phones.  Alpine makes a great solution that combines all 3 of these technologies.  You get the best of both worlds with the ability to connect with Apple Carplay, Android Auto, AND Stand Alone built in mapping.   The other benefit to this replacement radio solution is that it includes a CD player.

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