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When It Comes To Vehicles Safety On The Road.

We found that there was a void in the vehicle fleet safety category and that lead to the development of ASCO Fleet Services, which is a division of Auto Sound that sells and services products specific to businesses that are operating large and small fleets on a daily basis.

Solutions For Many Types Of Vehicles

There are increasing state and federal regulations that are being put in place each day.  We have the ability to help make sure your company complies with those initiatives to avoid costly fines.

Depending on the size vehicle, and what the vehicle is being used for, there is not a back up viewing mandate in effect as of May 2017.

Cell phone use is a hot topic all around.  In New Hampshire its totally illegal to hold your phone while driving.  In Massachusetts it’s illegal to text and there is currently a bill waiting to pass that will also make voice conversations illegal if holding the phone.

Multi Channel DVR - Tow Trucks

The towing industry has challenges just like everyone else.  Our DVR system is the perfect way to combat some of the most common issues tow owners face.

Our systems can provide a video record to help protect you against damage and accident claims as well as make sure the drivers are following best company practices while out on the road representing your brand.   It’s also an added layer of protection for when you have to tow a vehicle and the passenger is riding in the cab with the driver.

Towing can be a dangerous and risky business and our system helps lend peace of mind to drivers and tow company owners.

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Multi Channel DVR - School Transport

Local companies in the business of transporting people (especially children) are interested in installing our 4 channel camera & DVR system in their vehicles for a couple of reasons.

The roadways can be a bit chaotic these days and they want to be able to record what’s happening in case an accident were to ever occur.

They also wanted to be able to have a way to monitor the drivers of the vehicles to make sure they are abiding by company standards such as no smoking, no cell phone use, and so on.  And last but not least, if any of the passengers ever got into an altercation with one another, there would be record of that in case of injury or damage.

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Protect Your Assets

  • In Vehicle DVR Multi Camera Systems

  • Back Up Cameras

  • Reverse Parking Sensors

  • External Reverse Audible Alerts

  • Handsfree Bluetooth Systems

  • Cruise Control w Speed Limiting

  • Vehicle Tracking

  • Power Inverters

  • Vehicle Lighting & Strobes

  • Leather or Vinyl Seating

  • Alarms & Remote Starts

  • In Vehicle WiFi

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