Back Up Sensors

This two sensor system is perfect to let you know if you are clear to back up.  An audible alert starts to indicate that the driver is within 4 feet of an object.  The faster the beep, the closer the object.  Once you are within 12 inches of the object, a steady tone will stay on to let you know you are very close!  This system carries a 3 year warranty.

CarLink – Smartphone Vehicle Control

When combined with one of our remote start systems, the Audiovox CarLink allows the user to access features of their vehicle through any smart phone.  Features include: Start, Lock, Unlock, GPS Tracking, Alarm Alert Notification, Excessive Speed Alerts, and more!  Learn more at or visit your local Auto Sound store for more information.  (Yearly service fees may apply)

OEM Style Back Up Camera

If your vehicle has a factory touch screen in the dash, chances are we have a back up camera that we can integrate into it just like it would have come from the manufacturer.  Call or email us for vehicle specific applications and to get more information.

Back Up Screen Mirror

This OEM grade back up screen mirror is the prefect solution to help you be safe when you put your vehicle in reverse.  Compatible with every back up camera that we sell, this 3.5″ reverse image will appear each time you put your car in reverse.   If the vehicle is in park or drive the screen disappears and the mirror returns to normal.  This unit is compatible with most vehicles and has a 3 year warranty.  Check with your local store for more info.