New Massachusetts Headlight Law

A new Massachusetts law (Chapter 481 of the Acts of 2014) now requires motorists to turn on their headlights when “when the vehicle’s windshield wipers are needed.”  Mass. General Laws Chapter 85 section 15 also states that headlights should be in use for a half hour before sunrise and sunset or when visibility is under 500 feet.  The law will become effective on April 7, 2015.


Auto Sound can now install a device that will give a vehicle auto headlights even if the car didn’t come that way from the manufacturer! When the sun sets and the light sensor senses darkness, your headlights will automatically turn on.

This installation will also help prevent a moving violation or ticket with the brand new windshield wiper law now in effect. When you turn your wipers on, your car will now know, and automatically power up your headlights!

This device starts at $199 installed for most vehicles. 

Call your local Auto Sound store for more information.